What Does Novel Anatomy Mean?

Novel Anatomy is a bit of a play on words. It could mean "novel" as in "unusual" anatomy. I am a physician who wants to be a novelist, and perhaps some of my books will include a bit of unusual anatomy.

But the other meaning of Novel Anatomy is that it is about the anatomy of a novel. I want this blog to focus on what goes into writing and marketing a novel. I plan to talk about the writing process, the challenges I encounter, and the false steps and successful choice I make along the way.

One of my favorite blogs is kalzumeus.com. The writer Patrick McKenzie has documented his career in business and software in great detail. He started out by documenting the details of his small business, Bingo Card Creator. It was a fascinating look at the inside story behind a business, and what is required to run one. Here is his year in review from 2012. Amazingly, he gives out all his financials. He talks about what works and what doesn't work. It's fascinating, check it out!

I want to do the same thing for this blog, but for writing rather than for a business. I plan to talk about my writing process, where I get my ideas, my progress and setbacks, what I'm going to do for marketing, and all the little steps along the way as I write my first book. I'm hoping writing this blog will keep me motivated, and maybe help motivate you too if you're interested in writing. Welcome to the world of Novel Anatomy!