Feeling Sad

Time spent writing today: 90 minutes
Words written today: 690
Time spent writing so far: 49.7 hours
Number of words: 24141

One of the reasons I decided to write this book, a fantasy novel about a man who struggles with anxiety and depression, is that this is something I've struggled with myself for most of my life. There are many things I'm not an expert in. I like video games, but I don't game a lot so there are a lot of things I don't know about this field. I'm not Indian-American, so I have to write about the experience of an Indian-American character through the lens of what I've learned from other people's experience. And of course no one has ever interacted with the fantasy elements of my story, so I have to create that myself. But anxiety and depression are very familiar to me and I don't struggle to create a character who is dealing with these things.

Today I feel sad, and I'm trying to write anyways. One of the lessons I hope that my main character, Bear, will learn in this story is that when you feel sad or anxious, you can still go ahead and live your life anyways, and the bad emotions will pass. This is a lesson I've learned painfully over the course of my life. It hasn't been an easy lesson to learn, but it's a valuable one.

Update: I wrote for about 45 minutes, and then feelings of sadness deepened and I had to pause, I'm going to go back and write more in a little bit. I want my book to offer hope to other people like me who struggle with anxiety and depression. You're not the only one with painful emotions, and these emotions don't have to stop you from achieving your goals.